Welcome drink and GoodBye Tea : Little Things Called Love

We’re so glad that you stayed with us, we would like you to think of us when you leave.

Therefore, that’s why we pay attention to every small detail like the Welcome Drink & Goodbye Snack. We hope to bring a smile to our guests from the moment when you check in at DeeProm Pattaya Hotel until you check out and back home, leaving with a lasting impression.

Warm Welcome

We believe that travelers who visit Pattaya and choose to stay at a hotel here must want to be impressed from the first moment they walk in. Just like us, we also believe that the first impression is an experience that will stay in memory forever. To express our gratitude for choosing DeeProm Pattaya Hotel, we are committed to find and deliver the very best for you.

We welcome all guests with a traditional Thai welcome drink, ancient crispy noodles served with fragrant butterfly pea juice. It’s a refreshing treat after a long journey and a good chance to enjoy some delightful snacks while waiting to check in.

The secret of tasty crispy noodles at DeeProm Pattaya Hotel is our ancient recipe. We use traditional methods to make them and add some Thai herbs like seville orange to reduce oily from frying. Serve with a small bite and they also go perfectly with butterfly pea juice.

Sip and Refreshing : The Thai Essence of Welcome Drinks and Goodbye Tea

Bon voyage

Sip and Refreshing : The Thai Essence of Welcome Drinks and Goodbye Tea

The greeting, smile, and thanks that we give to our guests before they leave also convey the gratitude feelings for entrusting us to take care of your stay. To express our gratitude for our lovely guests, we want to say “We’re so happy that you stay with us.”. Before saying goodbye, we choose Som Ma Nas (Thai Style Meringue) and hot tea. We hope guests will be happy until the last moment before you leave.

Why do we serve Som Ma Nas (Thai Style Meringue) as the Goodbye Snack?
Because it’s not only easy to eat but also has a deep meaning. “Som Ma Nas” signifies happiness, cheerfulness and rejoice. Be like an expression of our feelings through a dessert.

And whenever you think about the fragrance of Som Ma Nas, the memories of staying at DeeProm Pattaya Hotel will remind your memory forever.

So please come and taste our Welcome Drink & Goodbye Snack! We hope to see you again.
Dear, our lovely guests.

DeeProm Pattaya: Your Friendly Home Away from Home

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