Best Hotel with Thai Breakfast in Pattaya

Start your day with a smile and welcome all the good vibes into your morning with “breakfast” at DeeProm Pattaya Hotel. Our hotel offers cozy accommodations with a delicious Thai-style buffet breakfast included. DeeProm Restaurant is one of the most famous and oldest for authentic Thai cuisine in Pattaya, passed down from generation to generation. Beside being satisfied with the warm atmosphere with friendly service that makes you feel right at home. If you’re wondering whether to book or not after read this blog, you’ll definitely want to come and find the deliciousness every morning at DeeProm Pattaya Hotel for sure.

We’re not just offering a variety of food choices for all ages and genders, but we also care about your health according to Dee to Me concept – Good for Health. A healthy body needs good care from the inside out.

DeeProm, Hotel Pattay with The Best Thai Buffet Breakfast

What's on the Thai breakfast buffet at DeeProm Pattaya Hotel?

Salad Bar

A corner filled with fresh vegetables prepared in the fridge to keep them fresh. We offer a variety of salad options, including : lettuce, bell peppers, corn, peanuts, carrots and cucumbers. Guests can create their own salad and the highlight is our salad dressing, offering three options: Thai-style spicy salad dressing, balsamic vinegar, and creamy Thousand Island dressing.

Cereal and Yogurt

For those who are looking for a light morning meal but still beneficial, we offer two types of cereal: corn flakes and koko crunch. Besides, we have a range of toppings such as peanuts, sunflower seeds, raisins and prunes that are available to make the yummy cereal or yogurt.

DeeProm, Hotel Pattay with The Best Thai Buffet Breakfast
DeeProm, Hotel Pattay with The Best Thai Buffet Breakfast


Hydrate yourself with our beverage zone which offers a range of options including milk, orange juice and even a rosella herbal juice. These drinks are not only refreshing but also have a variety of benefits, such as antioxidants, Vitamin C, and prevent heart disease.


Our bakery corner offers a variety of bread. For those who enjoy Western style pastries, we have croissants and mini muffins but If you prefer traditional Thai breakfast pastries, we have soft and warm steamed buns with pandan custard as well as grilled bread ready to be topped with butter or jam for a delightful.

Desserts and Fruits

After enjoying savory dishes, it’s time for something sweet. Start with our refreshing cold desserts “shaved ice”, the second one is rainbow Thai glutinous rice balls (Bua Loi) with natural coloring from fruits such as pumpkin, taro and butterfly pea and the third one is sugar palm in syrup, a rare dessert option. Lastly is banana in sweet sticky rice, which are soft, sweet and incredibly delicious. The funniest part of this corner is you can D.I.Y. your own dessert and adding as much sweetness as you like. For those who prefer light desserts, we offer seasonal fruits such as watermelon, dragon fruit, cantaloupe and papaya.

DeeProm, Hotel Pattay with The Best Thai Buffet Breakfast

Thai main dish menus that you shouldn’t miss!

DeeProm, Hotel Pattay with The Best Thai Buffet Breakfast

Pad Thai

One of the most delicious hot breakfast dishes that you must try when you visit DeeProm! Pad Thai is a dish well-known and beloved by foreigners. Normally people use Thai flat rice noodles but at DeeProm, we switched it up to fusilli. Easy to eat and perfectly with our tasty Pad Thai sauce.

Red Pork Wonton Noodle Soup

For soup lovers who enjoy sipping in the morning, our soft and chewy noodles come with tender red pork and big wonton pieces.

Congee with Minced Pork

Another classic Thai breakfast dish that’s been a favorite and popular since childhood. Our congee is rich and flavorful, served with seasoned minced pork and perfectly cooked eggs.

Pan-Fried Egg with Toppings

An easy to have good protein for your breakfast . Enjoy two fluffy eggs with a variety of fillings including : minced pork, sausage, ham, and Chinese sausage and a little sprinkle of pepper.

Grilled Pork with Sticky Rice

DeeProm Hotel believes that many of you have grown up with grilled pork with sticky rice. It’s perfect for a quick breakfast before go to school or work because it’s easy to eat, delicious, and satiable. Here at DeeProm, we marinate our pork with the right amount of seasoning, ensuring a rich flavor. Enjoy it with soft and warm sticky rice wrapped in banana leaves.

Why Do You Have to Book a Room Included with Thai Breakfast?

When you travel to Thailand, you should definitely try Thai-style breakfast. It’s a chance to taste authentic Thai food because we believe that having a delicious breakfast while you’re traveling is one of the memorable experiences so DeeProm Pattaya Hotel is an option you shouldn’t miss. We pay attention in every detail from our diverse buffet menu suitable for all ages, full of nutritious and clean. Because delicious food should come with a quality.

“DeeProm”’, we’re ready to serve the best relaxation for your body and mind. Be sure to book a stay and savor our delightful Thai buffet breakfast with us.

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